unscented beeswax candle in white glaze tumbler
white glaze on stoneware tumbler filled with beeswax candle and wooden wick
set of three tumbler candles displayed on granite rocks
unscented beeswax candle with wooden wick in handmade ceramic tumbler, white glaze i
Beeswax Tumbler Candle with Wooden Wick -  Just The Bees

Beeswax Tumbler Candle with Wooden Wick - Just The Bees

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Our beeswax tumbler candles are hand-poured into custom-made ceramic vessels that will add a warm glow to any room, while the wooden wick flame dances and crackles.

Just The Bees scent - is just the beeswax. There are no fragrances or essential oils added.

This tumbler candle holds 11 ounces of wax, measures 4 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter.
The burn time will vary depending on how you burn your candle. To extend the life of your candle, burn long enough to allow the wax pool to reach to the vessel's edge. This will prevent tunneling and greatly extend the life of the candle.
Repurpose your candle's vessel as a wine goblet or coffee cup - it is non-toxic and food safe. Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.
Tumbler Candles are also available with kraft gift boxes - choose in options

ethically sourced beeswax
paraben and phthalate-free
poured into a handmade ceramic tumbler 
safety burning instructions are included - mostly just common sense but a gentle reminder can never hurt - right?

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