How It All Started

The Soap Thing started when we moved the herd to an old dairy farm that's more remote than just rural farmland. There are no malls, no Bath & Body shop, and it's a long way to the grocery store. With a field full of happy goats with milk to share and desperate for a gentle and sudsy bar of soap, I started making my own. It began as an adventure, changing the recipe with different oils like sunflower and olive and mixing up delicious scents with essential oils. Now it's an addiction in homemade, handcrafted goat milk soaps and natural lotions.

My ingredients are simple: high quality oils, pure water, creamy goat's milk and lye to create the saponification that turns oils into soap. Added to the recipes are natural micas or herbs for color, essential and fragrance oils for delicate aromas.

And after many years, I still have my goats and still love life in my remote Outpost.