Cider House beeswax candle in metal tin with lid. candle burns next to pinecone and old metal bucket
hand poured  beeswax candle in silver metal tin sits on weathered table with fall leaves
Cider House beeswax candle in metal tin with lid sits on fall leaves with snow.
Apple spice scented beeswax candle in metal tin with wooden wick
Cider House beeswax candle sits on wood block with lavender in the background. Silver metal  tin with lid.

Beeswax Candle with Wooden Wick - Cider House

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Our beeswax travel candles, with a unique wooden wick, are hand-poured into silver metal tins that will add a warm glow and rustic charm to any room or outback camp. The wooden wick flame dances and crackles as it pleasantly burns.

Dry leaves in the grass, apples, and pears from the orchard, wood stove smoke - you are at the cider house. Can you smell it? Try this candle and transport yourself to the tasting bar for some hard cider. The wooden wicks crackle like the wood stove, the scent might make you thirsty and beeswax keeps it natural.

Hand-poured neatly into a 4 oz. metal tin with lid, making this candle perfect for travel, camping, cabin, and gift-giving!
ethically sourced beeswax
paraben and phthalate-free
safety burning instructions are included - mostly just common sense but a gentle reminder can never hurt - right?

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